Meat 'N Fish is the home of great, healthy and tasty food from the Mediterranean region. A blend of the best culinary secrets of Greek, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese cuisines, all under the same roof. Inspiring dishes served in a relaxed and festive ambience, aiming to satisfy not just your appetite for good food but also your senses.

Freshly made appetizers, flavorful salads and tender fish and meat cooked on the BBQ will ensure an unforgettable experience while refreshing fruity lemonades and lip smacking desserts will bring a smile on everyone's face.

Meat 'N Fish is not another restaurant. It is an IDEA. A constant effort to research and to remind us all those pure food elements and recipes that are forgotten or prepared by only a few in our days. It is a journey back to the Mediterranean roots. Only ... in a slightly more buzzing way.

Visit Meat 'N Fish and Taste the Mediterranean.